Shubhayan Mukherjee

Biography in English

Born in Kolkata, India, Shubhayan Mukherjee has had a very interesting professional and personal path. He is now a leading producer and promoter of popular and traditional Indian music. He wants to promote Indian music and culture in the Americas and Europe.

Through his company, Shubhayan Entertainment, he has released several music albums and is poised to become a leading promoter of Indian music.

His mother, Rajasree Mukherjee, a classically trained musician, has given him his love of music. She is a talented performer and music therapist as well as a music teacher.

She has inspired Shubhayan to try and promote the music of young Indian performers who would not otherwise get the opportunity to get their music heard.

Through especially designed websites, including one for his sister Shromona Mukherjee, also a singer, he has sought to promote the music of talented young Indian and African performers. He encourages young performers who want to have their music heard around the world to upload their songs onto the websites which he promotes through his own means. Once performers gain exposure and recognition on a worldwide level they are better positioned to promote their music at home and abroad.

Shubhayan Mukherjee is also very involved in the technical aspect of things. He has personally developed the website for Ma Sharda School of Music, a not for profit foundation founded by his mother. Shubhayan got his start in website design principally in the design of campaign websites for politicians, including members of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. His knowledge of web design, search engine optimization and advertising did not develop in conjunction with his love of music but it has definitely proven to be an essential asset for the music production and promotion efforts he is involved in.

It is not surprising that Shubhayan has followed this path in the promotion of Indian music, one of his uncles is Bappi Lahiri, a world renown music director and performer. In addition, his mother, Rajasree Mukherjee, is a leading music therapist and teacher of Indian Classical and Traditional music. She was ranked second in Rabindra Sangeet all India basis, in her Sangeet Prabhakar graduation examination conducted by Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. In 1975 she toured and performed in the United States and Canada with Suchitra Mitra. She later did her second graduation in Indian music, securing the Sangeet Visharad degree from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. A gifted singer with a melodious voice she has proved to be a very popular performer. Her numerous concerts in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Canada and the United States have all drawn full houses. In addition to being a popular performer she is one of the most reputed trainers in Indian music in East Africa. She has written lyrics for over 120-film and non-film songs and recorded leading playback singers like Alka Yagnik, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Anuradha Paudwal, Abhijit, Vinod Rathod, Mohamed Aziz and Shailendra Singh among others. As an experienced Music Therapist she has used Indian Classical music to great effect in meditation techniques. She has conducted several workshops on music over Television and Radio.

Rajasree Mukherjee also founded the Ma Sharda School of Music in Nairobi, Kenya, at which she trained many young singers and which produced several singers of international repute. Today she has over 500 students that now live in Australia, India, Tanzania, Kenya, United Kingdom and the United States. On three occasions she has been the recipient of the Government of India Grant for promotion of Indian culture abroad. In February 2002 she received an award in recognition of her outstanding contribution from the High Commission of India. The award was presented by the Vice President of Kenya Prof. George Saitoti. Mrs. Mukherjee has also composed a special number in honor of the President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, which she sang to a full house at the Aga Khan Auditorium in Daressalaam during the President's visit to Tanzania in September 2004.

When Shubhayan Mukherjee was nine his family moved from India to Kenya. Shubhayan spent his formative years in the beautiful landscape of the East African continent and attended an English speaking school. His whole childhood he had the great opportunity to be exposed to a variety of music disciplines, including the traditional music of Kenya. His mother taught music and he, together with his sister Shromona, participated in a large number of recitals, dance and acting performances.

Shubhayan first attended University in Kenya but then got the opportunity to continue his studies in Economics and International Finance at the United States International University campus in San Diego, California. He also has received a Masters in Economics from San Diego State University. With his business acumen he, at the young age of eighteen, launched his own website development business. He has had the opportunity to work in the development of web sites for political campaigns, non-profits and entertainment websites. After using his skills in business he returned to his family love of music. He is now focused in promoting Indian culture through its music and the promotion of young Indian musical talent.

Through the use of his connections in the music and business world Shubhayan is becoming a leading promoter of new talent. His business model is simple, he encourages new talent in India and Africa to contact him through his websites and he then promotes the music of these budding artists, if the music becomes popular through the website by the means of online downloads, the artists get paid as well as get the benefit of free promotion. New artist have then been able to launch their careers having already had exposure both at home and abroad, Shubhayan hopes that through this model he will be able to help the largest number of young artists.