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The path of spirituality is increasingly becoming popular in today's hectic world of chaos and mayhem. The eternal truth thus shines forth in the luminosity of the Almighty. Questions to which the answers seemed unknown, now find their solutions in the sanctity of the Divine consciousness.

This album emphasizes and celebrates the value of Divine grace, thus brimming with devotion and absolute surrender to the Lord. Piety need not take any physical form, nor do any set of rituals govern the acquisition of spiritual knowledge. These songs simply bring forth the various forms through which one can express their devotion. One can choose to travel on the righteous path, opt for giving up their worldly possessions, or simply appreciate the very existence of their life.

Each traveler takes a different path, but the destination remains the same. The songs in this album are by no means limited to those in favor of religiosity. This collection is an effort to bind all those who seek peace, a sense of direction, and meaning in life.

Rajasree Mukherjee - A trained vocalist in Indian classical and traditional music, she has lived in East Africa for the past 15 years. Gifted with a melodious voice she has proved to be a very popular performer and her several concerts in Kenya, Tanzania, India, USA & Canada have all drawn full houses. In addition to being a popular performer she is one of the most reputed trainers in Indian music in East Africa. Her Ma Sharda Institute has trained many young singers and several went on to become leading performers in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania & India.

The Ma Sharda Youth Choir - Rajasree Mukherjee developed and trained this band of young performers which won numerous awards at Kenya National Music Festivals and has given several performances all over Kenya, Tanzania and India where they were invited to perform at the Indo-Kenya-Bangladesh cultural festival.

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1. Gurur Brahma / Tumhi Ho Mata (4:55)

Thou art my friend, philosopher, and guide. Thou art the path and the destination.

Singer: Rajasree & Chorus
Writer: Vedic Hymn / Rajinder Krishan
Composer: Hansraj Behl / Chitragupt

2. Ma Sharda Tu Daan De (6:10)

This song is dedicated to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. She is the source of eternal happiness divine consciousness, and absolute truth.

Singer: Rajasree & Chorus
Writer: Rasik Shah
Composer: Parasar Desai

3. Aye Malik Tere Bande (6:00)

In our journey of life, may the Lord always guide us toward the righteous path, helping us avoid being enveloped by the world of temptations.

Singer: Rajasree & Chorus
Writer: Pandit Bharat Vyas
Composer: Vasant Desai

4. Om Tatsat (4:05)

O Lord, help us to emerge from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, and from death to immortality.

Singer: Rajasree & Chorus
Writer: Traditional
Composer: Traditional

5. Ab Saunp Diya (4:08)

I pray to thee to help me fulfill my life's mission devoid of attachments and expectations. At the dusk of my life's path my sole desire is to merge with the Divine consciousness.

Singer: Rajasree & Chorus
Writer: Bramhanand
Composer: Traditional

6. Darshan Do Ghanshyam (4:39)

This song highlights how Divine grace can transform difficulties into opportunities and how the impossible can truly be accomplished.

Singer: Rajasree & Chorus
Writer: G. S. Nepali
Composer: Ravi

7. Payojee Maine (5:00)

Of all the exhaustible and perishable possessions in this world, the only true wealth that eternally remains with us is our faith in the Almighty.

Singer: Rajasree & Chorus
Writer: Meerabai
Composer: Traditional

8. Musalman Bole (3:06)

We are all children of the same life force, yet we segregate ourselves from each other. This prayer emphasizes the need for tolerance and harmony amongst diverse religious beliefs. We are, after all, peas of the same pod, simply scattered over vast distances, but the power of love can bind us despite our superficial differences.

Singer: Rajasree & Chorus
Writer: Udayan Mukherjee
Composer: Traditional Folk

Producer: Udayan Mukherjee
Record Label: Shubhayan Entertainment
Production & Manufacturing: Shubhayan America
UCC: 1 82447 00099 4 | View One-Sheet

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