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Man is subject to innumerable pains and sorrows by the very condition of humanity, and yet, as if nature had not sown evils enough in life, we are continually adding grief to grief and aggravating the common calamity by our cruel treatment of one another.

Joseph Addison

Idle people are often bored and bored people, unless they sleep a lot, are cruel. It is not accident that boredom and cruelty are great preoccupations in our time.

Renata Adler

The butcher relenteth not at the bleating of the lamb; neither is the heart of the cruel moved with distress. But the tears of the compassionate are sweeter than dewdrops, falling from roses on the bosom of spring.

Akhnaton [Ikhnaton or Akhenaton]

I am sometimes asked "Why do you spend so much of your time and money talking about kindness to animals when there is so much cruelty to men?" I answer: "I am working at the roots."

George Thorndike Angell

Cruelty and fear shake hands together.

Honore de Balzac

It is not merely cruelty that leads men to love war, it is excitement.

Henry Ward Beecher

Cruelty is, perhaps, the worst kid of sin. Intellectual cruelty is certainly the worst kind of cruelty.

G. K. Chesterton

Fear is the parent of cruelty.

J. A. Froude

Cruelty is contagious in uncivilized communities.

Harriet Ann Jacobs

Cruelty would be delicious if one could only find some sort of cruelty that didn't really hurt.

George Bernard Shaw

The vast majority of the race, whether savage or civilized, are secretly kind-hearted and shrink from inflicting pain, but in the presence of the aggressive and pitiless minority they don't dare to assert themselves.

Mark Twain